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Letter: Navarrette's parallel universe

Navarrette’s parallel universe

It seemed as though I was reading Ruben Navarrette’s column about jobs in some parallel universe (Opinion, Sept. 1). Navarrette the arch-Democrat criticizing the flaming liberal Democrat (is that redundant?) Harris, who is also a black woman, while defending the conservative libertarian, white Ben “Facts don’t care about your feelings” Shapiro. Shapiro is the sharp but physically scrawny debater who often needs armed escorts when visiting college campuses to debate ideas. How’s that for freedom of thought and speech?

Is Navarrette blind or incredibly naive to back Democrats whose ultimate goal is for the federal government to control everything and totally abolish state and individual rights, in particular speech and religion? What George Will euphemistically refers to as the “Nanny State,” whereby “bossy government distributes wealth and opportunities.”

If the Democratic Socialists (quite the oxymoron) take over then you won’t have to concern yourself with how many jobs you have since the job market will be controlled by the government, and everyone gets one very low paying job, unless of course you are a member of the “Fourth Estate” like Navarrette and you continue to criticize then you lose that job — or worse!

— Kevin McQuaid, Longview

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