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Letter: Nothing but a hoax

Nothing but a hoax

With John Durham’s report on the beginnings of so called Trump/Russian collusion released, we now have the truth. It was nothing but a hoax, built on false political dirt generated by the opposition party.

This means the national media failed to learn the truth and continuously lied to the American people. Now they pretend there’s nothing new. It’s disgusting on their part.

The Pulitzer Prize won by The New Times should be referred to as the Biggest Whopper Prize. It also means that the Mueller probe had no basis to exist. Maybe that’s why all the so-called investigators on Mueller’s team disabled their government phones?

All charges generated by the Mueller investigation need to be voided. If it takes presidential pardons, so be it! It was a shameful abuse of power by our Justice (that’s a joke) Department.

The Democratic Congress read the entire Mueller report into the Congressional record. Now it’s time for the Republican Congress to correct the record for posterity.

The Justice Department says they have reformed themselves. Republicans fail to see it. The delay over Hunter Biden’s laptop investigation and FBI actions with social media over it is proof enough of that.

— Gerald Green, Longview