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Letter: Overexaggerated, overanalyzed

Overexaggerated, overanalyzed

I’m an incoming freshman in Longview ISD. Regarding “ ‘Trust’ is not in LISD vocabulary,” (Opinion, June 11): I personally haven’t heard any complaints other than yours (I actually have asked around).

A point I would like to make is that most kids could care less that the power went out at school. Most of them just think it’s cool to be in the dark and that they’re glad it was a change from a normal school day. School operated fine while the power was out, students got to eat lunch and everything operated fine. The only variable was the electricity. The particular incidents that you are talking about are overexaggerated.

Students do receive a flier in February but, you are overanalyzing it. The flier is exactly what it makes itself out to be. The flier is meant to show you options at schools so that you as a parent can see what options are best tailored to fit your child or children.

— Carson Ingle, Longview

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