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Letter: Patient's responsibility?

Patient’s responsibility?

I was recently hospitalized at Longview Regional.

I was very sick. I wear a gold grill in my mouth. It cost a pretty good penny. One of the people who came to clean my room threw it away even after i told her it was on the table. I contacted the patient advocate. She was absolutely no help. She told me it was the patient’s responsibility to take care of their own things, but couldn’t tell me where a sign stating that was located in the hospital.

Now if a person is admitted to the hospital, isn’t it the hospitals’ responsibility to take care of the patient as well as their belongings? If this has happened to me, I’m sure it’s happened to many more. All I want is for the hospital to pay for my grill. If the hospital cannot take care of you when you’re sick, what good are they? Now I’m out of $600 and my grill!

— Vickie Osborn, Longview

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