Letter: Plenty of military might

Plenty of military might

In response to Jerry King’s letter to the editor titled “Deafening silence on bombing” (Nov. 17). Regarding the bombing between Israel and Gaza, he states “the people of Gaza have no air force, nor navy, no army, no tanks and no means to defend themselves from the overwhelming military weapons possessed by Israel.” He continues that any fighting was provoked by Israel.

Since 2001, terrorist organizations have been in control of Gaza, mainly Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement, which receive monetary and military backing from Iran, Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah. There is not enough time or space to give a complete history lesson, but while Israel was attempting to reach a long-term cease fire with Hamas, the Islamic Jihad fired more that 360 rockets from the Gaza Strip. While smaller than Hamas, Islamic Jihad is aggressive in bombings on Israel.

Palestinians who are not part of the radical terrorist groups and living in Gaza are leaving in droves — or trying to. Gaza has suffered from rising unemployment, elevated poverty rates and lack of medical care as doctors are leaving the region. This is all due to control of the area by terrorist groups. While the general public may not have an army, the area is controlled by terrorists groups that are out to destroy Israel and have plenty of military might.

— Cynthia Wells, Longview

Today's Bible verse

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

— Isaiah 7:14

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