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Letter: Schools in crisis mode

Schools in crisis mode

Thank you to those politicians, both parties, for fending off passage of the dreaded “school choice” bill in Texas! As stated by a Mr. Capo (AFT president in Texas), the voucher system is a “scam.”

This retired elementary teacher (34 years) agrees. Not only is this a scam, the push for vouchers is an obvious sign that far too many politicians in Austin lack common sense and basic knowledge of what is really happening and what is needed in the public schools.

The problems in our public schools are not new. They have existed for decades and have been unaddressed by our political leaders. Sadly, as a result, we are in a “crisis” mode in public education ... not because of the failure of the public school, but because of the problems of our students. Add to that the lack of support for public school teachers.

I recently heard a quote by former President Ronald Reagan wherein he stated the following: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ “ That, in my opinion, is what has gradually made it almost impossible for our public schools to do the job of educating.

— Sondra Pickering, Pittsburg