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Letter: Signs of discord

Signs of discord

In 2000, Gore garnered 50,999,897 popular and 266 electoral college votes to Bush’s 50,456,062 popular and 271 electoral college votes. A month-long series of legal battles led to the controversial 5–4 Supreme Court (with a majority of Republican appointees) decision Bush v. Gore. The recount ended; Bush was declared president.

Gore conceded, no Gore parades, Bush took office.

In 2016, Clinton garnered 65,853,514 popular and 227 electoral votes to Trump’s 62,984,828 popular and 304 electoral votes (which he declared a “landslide”). No recounts, no Hillary parades, no refusal to concede.

It’s almost three weeks past the national election, and Biden’s winning tally stands at 79,585,494 popular and 290 electoral votes compared to Trump’s 73,647,054 popular and 232 electoral votes. Meanwhile, Trump pouts, lies, golfs and tweets about how the election was “stolen.”

He is no more/no less than a desperate despot. How does this play out for our sacred democracy when the flag-hugging, prayer-invoking, Trump-adoring right-wingers refuse to accept the outcome of a free and fair election? ?

Not long ago, I wrote a letter to this paper stating that, if Trump won another four years, we could be witnessing a coup d’etat. Someone responded to my prediction by stating that I was advocating such a thing. Not so, but the signs of discord abound, and any hope that this republic remains intact is fading. How can a nation survive when the will of the people is cast aside? Surely, this is what the people of Germany — those who refused to support Hitler — despaired of in 1933. We know how that ended, but then history always repeats itself, doesn’t it?

— Kathy Somer, Longview

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