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Letter: Silencing voices

Silencing voices

Barbara Williams’ letter (Oct. 11) has two flaws. First, Socialism wasn’t even a concept until 16 years after the Boston Tea Party. Second, the tea party wasn’t about an out-of-control government nor high taxes. It was about not giving the people a voice. Remember taxation without representation?

The American experiment is a representative democracy. We elect officials to be the voice of the people. This system is the cornerstone of our nation and has served us well.

Now, we have a segment of the Republican Party, as Sen. Lee stated, where “democracy isn’t the objective.” The objective is to maintain control despite the people’s voice.

We have a minority trying to obtain that objective through: nationalism or exceptionalism; a disdain for the recognition of human rights; identifying enemies as a unifying cause; a supremacy of the military; rampant sexism; controlling the media; an obsession with national security; intertwining religion and government; protecting corporate power; suppressing labor power; a disdain for science, higher education and intellectuals; an obsession with crime and punishment, cronyism and corruption; fraudulent elections.

These are the 14 defining characterizations of fascism — nothing our Founding Fathers envisioned. People died to have their voices heard, not for taxes.

Your segment is attempting to take the people’s voice away by suppressing protesters, eliminating voter drop boxes, gerrymandering, making false voter fraud claims and attempting to over throw state governments.

I can assure you Mrs. Williams, attempting to silence democracy will never happen and never will!

— Raymond Richards, Karnack

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