Letter: Support our local businesses

Support local businesses

“Future of longtime Longview restaurant Carlitos’ uncertain,” “Booshay’s Bayou Cafe in Longview closes its doors,” “Kids Station in Longview to close next month” ... These headlines and others like them have inundated our paper far too frequently in recent times. In the 36 years I’ve lived in this community, I have witnessed locally owned, small businesses shutter their doors due to big box competition bullying their way into the market.

Our city has been blessed with some amazing local restaurants. The Caces persevered after Gerard’s passing with The Cace Kitchen. We have the number-four ranked BBQ joint in the state in Bodacious on Mobberly, Longview native Lindsay Crenshaws Ellie Bee’s and Cafe Barron’s. These places depend on our patronage. When I would spend all my allowance at the arcade in the mall, Pietro Filippazzo never hesitated to make sure I had a slice and drink. And I wasn’t the only one. He didn’t have to, it cut into his margins, but he knew you take care of your community.

I have children. I understand budgetary and time constraints, but if we can make a conscious effort to support our local businesses these headlines will become few and far between. I urge you to plan one night a week to support a local business, buy a gift for a friend, take the family out to dinner and enjoy what makes Longview more than some “Eastern Plains” town.

— Doug Shook, Longview

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