Letter: Texas needs red light cameras

Texas needs red light cameras

The governor of Texas is endangering all of its citizens and all visitors who may come to Texas by banning red light cameras throughout the state.

States across the nation that allow red light cameras are reporting a 15% to 21% reduction in fatal crashes by red light runners and a significant reduction of just red light running. A hefty fine is a great deterrent to red light running.

The governor of any state that places trumped up political reasons for banning red light cameras above the value of human life should be reevaluated. The death and pain to innocent bystanders caused by these red light runners far overshadows any perceived reasons for the banning the cameras.

The saving of just one life is worth the cameras. Take note politicians, the next red light running victim could be one of yours.

Kelly Canon of Fort Worth pushed for banning red light cameras claiming it’s only a ruse for police departments to make money. It’s sad that some people put absurd ideas above the lives of individuals and families.

— Clyde Cannon, Houston

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— Psalm 42:11

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