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Letter: Thank God for rural doctors

Thank God for rural doctors

I read Dr. Richard Liebowitz’s column with a great deal of interest (Forum, June 15). I am certain he is more informed than I on the medical situations in rural East Texas. However, I have observed this situation from many aspects over a multitude of years.

I was reared in rural East Texas. I took for granted the excellent care I received. When I was 14, I had an emergency appendectomy. They had to fly in an anesthesiologist and I was operated on at 3 a.m. The doctors were kind and professional. What they lacked in specialties they made up for in kindness and availability.

When my oldest child was 1, he had pneumonia and I gave him aspirin and put him to bed with me. I was awakened by my baby having seizures. We jumped in the car and raced to the clinic of our local doctor. He was out of town, but the availability of another doctor in town and on call saved his life.

I praise the Lord for rural doctors.

— Bonnie Parvino, Avinger

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