Letter: There's more to HISD campus scores

More to HISD campus scores

Hallsville ISD would like to provide some clarity and accurate information related to our district’s accountability ratings as recently referenced in a letter to the News-Journal (Oct. 23).

There are a lot of factors included in TEA’s calculations of a school district’s academic rating. To provide clarity of how those calculations work and how HISD’s accountability information is affected by TVAH (Texas Virtual Academy Hallsville) please go to www.hisd.com and scroll to the bottom of the page under Featured Content, and click on “2019 Accountability Report Card.” This page provides all of the complete facts related to how to calculate the academic rating.

Remember that campus STAAR scores are only 70% of the overall calculation and there are other factors included besides just the campus scores. We openly discuss these scores, academic goals and other progress monitoring measures at our school board meetings, which are open to all the general public. We invite anyone to attend these meetings to remain informed about our school district. We are very proud of our students, staff and administrators for the hard work they put in each day.

— Jeff Collum, Hallsville (Collum is superintendent of Hallsville ISD)

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