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Letter: Tough border decisions needed

Tough decisions needed

The immigration problem has festered for over 20 years. Both the left and right are at fault for not making the tough decisions to get it solved, but I will give the president credit for keeping it on the front burner.

Political correctness will never solve anything, neither will each side accusing the other on why it can’t be fixed. The press continues to paint this administration as the problem, when it’s not. On President Obama’s watch these so-called holding cages were built and family separation was enforced.

The left wants to decriminalize illegal entry into this country. I have empathy for those wanting a better life, but is it fair to those who are applying the right way and waiting their turn? I read in the paper on July 4 about a young man from Nigeria who came to Longview the right way and became an American. For the most part those stories are few and far apart. Most of the media tells us how we treat those who are crossing illegally to pull on the heartstrings of Americans.

Yes, we have a crisis at our southern border but it can be fixed with tough decisions, which need to be made now.

— Charles Faraci Sr., Longview

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