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Letter: Truth matters

Truth matters

Truth has never been a big part of Mr. Trump’s delusional world because he lives in his own world, and he proclaims truth as what he says it is to satisfy himself.

Everyone has seen the way Mr. Trump looks at reality. He dictates what he wants to be truth. Being in a position of power, he hires people to control. He changes the narrative to fit his way of thinking and expects complete loyalty and control.

It’s very obvious the election didn’t go the way he wanted. For months before the election, he tried his best to spin the results for his benefit. Changing the postal service by putting one of his big donors in charge, putting out propaganda to change the narrative to favor himself, spinning mail-in ballots as beings somehow illegal, but it was fine for him, his staff, and his family to all vote that way.

Does it surprise anyone the way Trump is acting? It shouldn’t because he has been this way for four years. His leadership has been AWOL. Knowing how bad the pandemic is, Mr. Trump’s answer was to do away with his pandemic team, hold super spreader pep rallies, and take off to his golf courses. Personally, I would call this a dereliction of duty.

Regardless how we all feel about this election, we need to come together as Americans. We will always have policy differences, and that’s good, healthy politics.

What I have said in the past and I still stand by today, truth matters, and it should always be first and foremost. It shouldn’t be put on the closet shelf like it has been.

— Ken Schuler, Gladewater

Today's Bible verse

“Those on the rocky soil are the ones who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and yet these do not have a firm root; they believe for a while, and in a time of temptation they fall away.”

Luke 8:13

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