Letter: We're all brothers and sisters

Divided nation

We’re all brothers and sisters

I grew up as a Republican. My father, whom I loved, was extremely conservative. The first candidate I campaigned for as a high school student was Barry Goldwater, the father of conservatism.

After getting out of law school I began representing folks who were injured — car wrecks, work injuries, defective products — and have until this day. This gave me a personal insight into the lives of folks at all levels of society. I began to know them on a level I would not have had access to otherwise. Several were on the lower end of the income scale. I witnessed the effort most of these families made to survive and stick together.

That’s why I reject the label of liberal. I am a conservative who now appreciates the value of humans at all levels of society more than I ever did before.

The current president rants in cliches that polarize us into groups hating each other. We are becoming segregated tribes and don’t discuss but throw insults. This tribalism is the only enemy that can destroy our free society.

I ask that everyone — on all ends of the political spectrum — listen carefully to what others are saying, sincerely ask questions. Reject all sources of “information” you haven’t verified. Remember we are all brothers and sisters in this great experiment.

— Blake Bailey, Tyler

Today's Bible verse

“But you, Lord, do not be far from me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me.”

— Psalm 22:19

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