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Letter: We're lucky to have Trump

We’re lucky to have Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attitude toward the president over his get-tough tactics with Mexico over illegal immigration is far from surprising.

Her “be nice” advice to the president is the reason our immigration system and our trade deals with the world are completely broken.

Time and time again the president takes action that benefits U.S. citizens. Not only is Mexico now helping with our border problem, but we are near a new a trade deal with them and Canada.

Pelosi must bring this new deal up for a vote.

We are lucky we now have a president who looks out for us. He got us out of the stupid Paris climate accord. This awful deal allowed China and India to slide on their carbon emissions while the U.S. was over-complying. The president also ended the terrible Iran nuclear deal. Any new deal with Iran must have verifiable safeguards.

Under President Trump, NATO and the UN are now paying more of their fair share. Plus he stopped sending taxpayer money to Palestine, which they gave to the families of so-called terrorist heroes.

— Gerald Green, Longview

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