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Letter: Why I'm pro-choice

Why I’m pro-choice

Since certain states decided to try to ban abortions, newspapers like the News-Journal have been inundated with letters and columns from people expressing views on abortion. I would like to contribute my view.

I am pro-choice. I do not agree with laws that restrict abortions. Abortion is a woman’s right. It comes from her right to bodily autonomy. Because pregnancy is something that happens to a woman’s body, it should be her choice whether she wants to carry it to full term.

I believe this to be the case even if we were to recognize the fetus as a person with rights equal to that of someone outside the womb. Think about someone who is in need of an organ donation to save their life. Are they entitled to an organ regardless of the donors consent? No. They require the consent of the donor because the donor has a right to bodily autonomy.

It’s the same with the fetus. A fetus requires the woman’s body to sustain its life. But this does not overrule the woman’s right to bodily autonomy. It is still her decision to continue the pregnancy. This is why I support a woman’s right to safe, accessible, and legal abortion without apology.

Noble Thomas, Marshall

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