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Letter: Wrong business mindset

Wrong business mindset

It appears Longview Economic Development Corp. has begun putting “No Trespassing” posts up around property in the business parks that are just grassy areas. For a “corporation” that is all about business and growth, it is ironic they would do something that will definitely harm photography businesses in this area.

I realize there has been some dumping incidents, but as the case with any restriction or law, only those who want to follow them will so posts aren’t going to stop people who still want to dump their trash on property or do whatever else they do.

I guess LEDCO only cares about bringing in outside businesses and markets to them, instead of encouraging local mom-and-pop type businesses.

Longview for too long has been stagnant with no growth in certain markets and old policies and procedures, such as the sign ordinance, do not help. Restaurants and hotels do not make a city, people do, and there seems to be no effort to bring in businesses that are good for people, nor the desire to support art initiatives, such as Tyler’s usage of art to cover up signal boxes at intersections or even the new angel wing paintings that are going up.

— Jeremiah Fulbright, Longview

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