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Letter: Yes man in Austin

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Yes man in Austin

In all kinds of working environments, there are always “yes men” who try to please the boss without asking questions. For example, when a boss asks one of his workers to jump, the worker just jumps without asking why, how high and how long.

We have a “yes man” in Austin, the governor. Recently, the former president asked the governor to conduct an ejection audit in Texas counties where Biden won and find election fraud. The governor said “yes” and initiated the audit without asking why and who is going to pay for it, in spite of there is no credible evidence of fraud.

The governor was eager to show his loyalty to the former president. The governor forgot his duty to protect election integrity and follows the order from the former president to support his big lie.

I have one warning for Texas women. Weeks ago, the governor proclaimed that he would remove all rapists from Texas streets. Now he has to divert his attention and energy to the audit. The rapists on Texas streets are relieved, and they are actively looking for victims.

The governor is talking like a strong man, but he is acting like a spineless “yes man.”

— Yung Woo Lee, Longview

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