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Regarding, “Texas AG’s office files lawsuit against Longview ISD over mask mandate,” Tuesday:


“Paxton and his kind constantly whine about how we need small government and less waste of taxpayer dollars, then turn around and trample over small government and waste taxpayer dollars.”

— Melissa Stout

“Vote this clown out of office.”

— Alison Cruz

“Is that the same AG that is under indictment?”

— John Hornbeck

“Good for the AG.”

— John Bennett

“Doesn’t Paxton have a few legal issues he needs to be addressing? By the way, what happened to pro-life? The cases of covid in children has risen over 200% in the last 3 months.”

— Janet McBride

“My teenager became extremely sick from Covid, despite being vaccinated. 15 pound weight loss sick. If you can’t require masks then parents should be able to choose virtual learning. It’s not fair to force parents to send their children where basic protection isn’t provided!”

— Hillary Mitchell

“This is ridiculous, I hope they stick to it. Since the mask mandate I’ve received fewer calls from the school instead of daily calls.”

— Lena’ Hunter

“He said he would do it. And he has the Texas Supreme Court backing him.”

— Stacy McMahan

“If that’s the case, they need to make virtual learning an option. Some of us care about our kids and others safety. It is ridiculous, people don’t care about themselves or the kids. The kids are dying, meanwhile dummies talking about freedom. This is a health issue.”

— April Pipkin

“It should be up to the parents and the students.”

— Dewayne Wesley Cato

“Do people not have morals any more for protecting their children.”

— Cindy Featherston

“There quick to jump on the school districts ... any news about what they are doing about the power grid debacle? That was months ago, way before schools opened back up!”

— Tara Mealy

“We all knew it was coming when some Schools went against what was already set in place by our Governor . I get protecting our children, my teen grandson is out with Covid as we speak. So Have your kid wear a mask …Yes AG is trying to enforce not being mandatory but he’s not saying your kid can’t wear a mask at all . If they make it where it’s not mandatory any longer then make it mandatory for your child . If masks help (which who really knows if they do or not) then at least your child is protected, right ?? Just seems some of these folks commenting are acting like they are trying to tell you that your kid isn’t allowed to wear a mask at all . They are trying to protect our freedom , what’s left of it anyway. Just my two cents as a MiMi to 7.”

— Tessa Bradley

“Leave my town alone!”

— Stephanie Johnson

“Tell the State to leave local matters to local people.”

— Tim Capps

Regarding, “Police: Man attempts to rob Gilmer bank, stays inside after receiving more than $16,000 before arrest,” Tuesday:


“He done messed up and didn’t want to go home to his wife so he did the next best thing he robbed the bank.”

— Josie Laastad

“It should not be theft because they don’t arrest you for stealing at Walmart unless you leave the building LOL.”

— Joe Clark

“Y’all better stop watching money heist.”

— Roniya Jai

“Successfully have the money — BUT STAY INSIDE THE BANK? He has a lot going on. Sad.”

— Christy Johnson

“Sounds like he may have wanted to get arrested.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“Aren’t bank robberies a thing of the past? …”

— Ryan Cobb

“More like a short term loan than a robbery.”

— Robert Fory

“Just when you think you’re having a bad day!”

— Evelyn Robison Simmons

“’Alright! Now that I got this money can I talk to someone about buying some bonds.’”

— Michael McTyre

“Didn’t even make it out the bank? That’d be my luck too ...”

— James Grubbs

“I think he robbed the bank to pay off the home mortgage ...”

— Nora Backus

“Where else but Upshur County.”

— Carlyn Short

“I’d bet he knows that he has cancer and has no insurance policy for treatment . I’ve heard of people who have done it before.”

— Jimmy Welder

Regarding, “Longview ISD OKs $1,000 COVID-19 vaccine incentive for employees,” Tuesday:


“I thought this was Texas not California!!!”

— Brandy Brown Arseneault

“Incentive ... bribery ... same difference. Once just sounds nicer.”

— Linda Ogin

“Where is the money coming from that they are gonna give the employees? Yet can’t find money in the budgets to give teachers raises. This is ridiculous.”

— Madison Stowe

“When you have to bribe people with money to make a conscious decision. SMH”

— Kalena Lynn Frost

“They got 24 million for relief and was still doing evictions sooooo.”

— Narrin Hargrave

“If you have to be bribed to take it, then it’s probably not good for you.”

— John Bennett

“I say anything to keep our children safe.”

— Nancy Ellen Downey Martin

“Cool! Where I work you get to keep your job if you’re vaccinated come Nov 1st.”

— Shery West

“What about citizens that got it along time ago.”

— Angela M Navejas

“Free market capitalism is at work here. Nice to see.”

— Scott Backus

“Just waiting for school to shutdown so they can take a vacation AGAIN.”

— Cindy Dyer

“So what are all of us who did the right thing and got the shot and on the front line!”

— Jason Baker

“Whatever it takes to make it happen.”

— Kay Kimbrough McKinney

“Very disappointed in LISD!”

— Missy

“Still would say no to it.”

— Jordan Nelson

“What they are doing is unconstitutional bribery for shots that is what is going on.”

— Pamela Daniel

“It’s a horrible thing when schools who are supposed to be educating decide to play politics ... LISD this is very disappointing to see.”

— JC Clark

“Hey LISD officials will you be paying 100% of anyone’s Healthcare is they have an adverse reaction?”

— Tamy Bates Graham

“Maybe someone should start a go fund for the ones that do not get the shot.”

— Sally Grace

Regarding, “Health officials announce 620 new COVID-19 cases in Gregg County,” Monday:


“If only there was a way to prevent this”

— Janet McBride

“Ask hospital administrators if the Covid cases are going down. Good Shepherd has three total floors of Covid patients.”

— Ellen Kolins Beavers

“It’s all part of the plan!”

— Shirley Ann Laing-Burton

“And that doesn’t count all the home testers that go unreported.”

— Renee Pullen

“All of the hate in this thread is sickening.”

— Tasha Gargantiel

“We don’t know how accurate the numbers are for the cases but we do know prayer changes things. Turn all this negativity into something positive and ask God to heal this (world) of COVID-19.”

— Marie Crayton

“Not bad, considering trump called it a hoax. How’s that working out?”

— Kathy Somer

“But yall suing school district on mask mandates ... Make it make sense.. You don’t want the vaccine but don’t want wear a mask either ... there has to be some compromise when it comes to life and death situations ...”

— Mahasa Carter

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