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Letter: Column contributes to divisiveness

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Column contributes to divisiveness

The Saturday Forum included a column titled “The scene of the crime.” In the second paragraph the writer states that he is “willing to do my part. I promise to ‘tone down’ my rhetoric about Donald Trump ...”

Following that statement are almost four half-page columns, 16 paragraphs and some 634 words that could be interpreted to disagree with it.

There are some out here that absolutely abhor the mob activities of Jan. 6 and are not Trump zealots, but certainly hold different views than the writer of the column. That is still a right and privilege — unless or until the democrats declare it unlawful.

Mr. Biden spoke of unity in his inaugural address but has only added to the contentious situation since. The “scene of the crime” column also contributes to that divisiveness.

If this is a “toned down” version, one might expect the normal version to need all 4 pages of the paper.

— CM Williamson, Longview

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Today's Bible verse

“Therefore, we must fear if, while a promise remains of entering His rest, any one of you may seem to have come short of it. For indeed we have had good news preached to us, just as they also did; but the word they heard did not benefit them, because they were not united with those who listened with faith.”

Hebrews 4:1-2

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