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Letter: Not here in America

Not here in America

Although I support getting the vaccine, I believe President Biden with his vaccine mandate decree is on track to lose another battle in the Supreme Court. How is it legal to force people to take an injection they don’t want? Maybe elsewhere it is, but not here in America.

His order has not yet been written, but several states are now preparing to file suit once it is. Our country’s ideological divide makes it necessary for the Supreme Court to decide the issue. Whatever their decision, it will certainly add fuel to the toxic political fire that rages across our land.

Throughout our history, different political views shaped and helped make our nation stronger. Now partisan political views tear at the fabric of our social compact. Perhaps great leaders will emerge that will communicate to each other and to every one of us in such a way where we can put aside partisan politics and work for a common goal we all share and celebrate in.

In our past this has happened; Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln are the finest examples. It’s true, they too faced a country at war with itself, and sadly they both paid the ultimate price. But I think they would both agree that our nation’s well-being was worth their great sacrifice. It is my hope, that no leader in our nation ever again pays the price they did.

— Gerald Green, Longview

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