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Letter: Republicans suppress votes

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Republicans suppress votes

Gregg County Republicans want to 1) “require citizenship verification of each voter” ... and 2) “limit mail-in absentee voting due to abuse of this voting procedure.” (news story, Jan. 31)

Proof of citizenship is required by birth certificate or Social Security number to obtain a Texas driver’s license. To apply to vote in Texas, the application requires a driver’s license or Social Security number. A check of this information confirms voter registration cards are given only to citizens. And, guess what is first asked to be shown in by voters in Texas polling places — a Texas driver’s license! Nationwide verification of the citizenship of Texas voters is already done.

How is there “abuse of mail-in absentee voting,” unless you are on the losing end of this proven-over-and-over-again legal procedure without any fraud that would change election results? Who will be excluded to stop “abuse”? The aged? The infirm? Those out of registered voting place on election day? Workers who cannot be at polling places when open? Certain ethnicities?

Mail ballots are sent to registered citizen voters in Texas, and to no one else, to determine their will.

Gregg County and other Texas Republicans unite to suppress votes.

— Frank Supercinski, Longview

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