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Letter: Unproven accusations

Unproven accusations

I don’t know what I did to deserve two columns from John Foster. However, I believe the second one deserves a response as well.

I think Mr. Foster has tried to turn me into a Trump supporter several times. He at one point says something to the effect that I am defending scum like Putin, Trump and Assange. I really believe when you have to resort to name calling that it is a testament to your inability to frame a coherent and rational argument to your points. Mr. Foster resorts to the same name calling when he calls Trump a draft dodger and consistent liar. Whether Mr. Trump is that or not it is irrelevant to his arguments.

As to Julian Assange and his sexual charges and accusations, they are unproven accusations. I believe Mr. Biden has also been accused of sexual harassment. Whether these accusations against Mr. Assange or Mr. Biden are true, they are unproven accusations. In my opinion, Mr. Assange is being sought for extradition and trial for revealing U.S. war crimes.

Lastly, as to Russian intervention in U.S. elections, that again is unproven allegations as revealed by the Mueller hearings in Congress. He was unable to produce any clear evidence of Russian intervention.

— Jerry King, Longview

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