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Letter: Voter suppression

Voter suppression

Afraid that Democrats are elected in “high turnouts”, a writer (letter, Sunday) says “ballot harvesting ... willingly allowing illegals to vote. ... Democrats just want ... to build a paper ballot dictatorship and ‘voter suppression’ ... is leftist code that will destroy election integrity.”

This is nonsense and contrary to facts.

Texas Election Code, Chapter 86 governs mail balloting. Mail-ballot applications are accepted from registered citizen voters, not illegals. The mail ballot is marked and placed in a secured envelope, and that is placed in another outside signed envelope for mail or delivery. Although Republicans and Democrats in Texas vote by mail, it is prohibited here from sending mail ballot applications to all registered voters.

Several states trust the total will of their voters and send mail ballots to all their registered voters. They are California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington. Questions: Is it voter suppression to prevent sending mail ballot applications to all registered voters? How does legally allowing all registered voters to vote by mail destroy election integrity and just become ballot harvesting?

The majority does not accept Republican philosophy to be best for them or for the nation. Since they cannot persuade majority voters, Republicans suppress their vote.

— Frank Supercinski, Longview

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