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Letter: You can like it, but I don't

You can like it, but I don’t

“To honor, preserve, and protect our constitution and country.” These should be enough for every American.

As president, Donald Trump took this oath to defend our Constitution and country. I stood up in the ‘60s as a teenager, took this same oath and carried out my duty as a proud American and now veteran.

Trump’s duty to this oath is no different from the one I took and still hold dear. What he is doing now is what his whole life has been consumed with: greed and money.

Why I come to these conclusions is plain to me. Since the election of 2016, Trump has met with Vladimir Putin on six occasions. Trump has not expressed his displeasure about Russia, our biggest adversary, interfering in our elections. Instead, he has sucked-up to Putin like long-lost friends. Does that seem like Trump protecting our interest? Or our country?

But what should I have expected from Trump? He was a coward in the ‘60s and he’s still the same guy. Trump, being less than human, has insulted and disrespected some of the finest this country has had in heroes.

What is sad for all of us is that our own president has lowered our standards. His lies now are second nature for America. Some may like this, and that is your right as an American, but I don’t.

God bless America.

— Ken Schuler, Gladewater

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