Polygon Stock Options APIs

Polygon Stock Options APIs

ATLANTA, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Polygon.io today introduced the addition of an all new set of stock options APIs to their market data platform. Featuring real-time access to every trade, quote, and custom aggregate bar via WebSocket or REST API, Polygon is bringing their industry-leading tech and developer-centric philosophy to the stock options market. The APIs also include open interest, greeks, and historical contracts.

Until now, programmatic access to accurate and up-to-date stock options data has largely only been available to enterprise clients and major financial institutions, leaving individual application developers and algo traders with few choices. Today's product launch from Polygon changes the landscape, making high caliber full-market stock options APIs readily available to individuals for the first time.

"We've just opened a new door for developers," said Quinton Pike, Polygon's Founder and CEO "or more accurately, we've torn down a wall. If you're a developer building software that uses market data, you've long been at a disadvantage to the larger players because your choices for data were either extremely low quality or extremely expensive. That's what we're here to solve."

Few other data companies have ventured into the stock options space because of the challenges posed by the extreme scale of the data. With over a million unique options tickers active at any given time, and billions of quotes happening across those tickers every day, the ability to process, store, and serve that data in real-time puts Polygon's new options APIs in the same league with the major enterprise market data vendors — except they've built theirs with developers in mind.

Starting today, Polygon's new stock options APIs are available to all users. You can sign up for a free account to try them out.

About Polygon

Polygon is on a mission to make financial market data accessible to everyone.  They are advocating for developers in the financial space by challenging archaic data access rules to create entirely self-serve real-time data APIs, as well as making significant parts of their stocks, crypto, forex, and options APIs free to use.


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