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NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire. To help journalists covering the healthcare industry stay on top of the week's most newsworthy and popular releases, here's a roundup of stories from the week that shouldn't be missed.

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  1. US FDA Grants Breakthrough Designation for Blood Test to Help Diagnose Inaccessible Brain Tumors

    "In my opinion, a non-invasive blood test that detects circulating tumor cells (CTCs) would help to address many of the problems associated with complex brain tumor diagnosis," said Dr. Kevin O'Neill, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Chairman of the Brain Tumor Research Campaign and Principal Investigator for the Brain Tumor Research Charity's Centre of Excellence working at the Imperial College, London.
  2. Defeat "Low E" in 2023: New National Survey Finds That 89% of People are Suffering from Low Energy (Spoiler Alert: Fitness is the Antidote)

    Planet Fitness commissioned a national study, which found that 89% of people would be willing to give up something they cherish just to have high energy for a year, including online shopping for a month (40%), social media (36%), caffeine (33%) for a year, or even sex for a month (33%).
  3. Novavax Announces Initiation of Phase 2 Trial for COVID-19-Influenza Combination and Stand-Alone Influenza Vaccine Candidates

    Stanley C. Erck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novavax, says, "We believe that like influenza, COVID-19 will also be seasonal moving forward, and that there is room in the market for new alternatives to provide better protection against the impact of influenza, particularly in older adults, and to explore the potential to combine this with protection from COVID."
  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies Form Synergie Medication Collective, a New Venture to Radically Improve Affordability and Access to Costly Medications for Millions of Americans

    These high-cost treatments include multi-million-dollar gene therapies and infusible cancer drugs and represent a substantial portion of overall drug spend, with significant growth in future spend anticipated.
  5. Jumpstart Your 2023 Health Journey with MyFitnessPal

    This year, two-time New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, chef, television host and producer, Ayesha Curry, is collaborating on the challenge by lending her tips, tricks and recipes to help members build healthy habits and achieve their personal health goals.
  6. World's First Standardized Tool Measures Outcomes Associated with Grief Support Services

    Known as the Inventory of Youth Adaptation to Loss (IYAL), the tool measures changes over time - related to a youth's communication, sense of social support, sense of connection, and social and emotional experiences of loss and resilience.
  7. SiPhox Health Introduces World's First Lab-Quality Home Blood Testing Platform at CES Leveraging cutting edge silicon photonic chip technology, the SiPhox Home offers consumers lab-grade results for proteins and hormones in under five minutes.
  8. Chris Hemsworth's Centr Announces 'Moves That Matter' to Create Healthier Habits in 2023 for All

    The goal of this campaign will be to motivate users to bank active minutes in support of a healthy milestone goal and a charitable donation to Good Sports.
  9. Helix & CDC to Study the Role of Human Genetics in Vaccine Effectiveness

    The partnership will examine up to 10,000 individuals who have had breakthrough infections and severe COVID outcomes, despite full vaccination.
  10. Baracoda Unveils BHeart, World's First Health Tracker Powered Entirely by the User

    Integrated discreetly within bracelets and watch bands compatible with any classic timepiece, BHeart uses its patent pending BMotion energy harvesting technology to recharge itself entirely by motion, body heat and environmental light.
  11. Promising Early Results from Using imp's Landline Call Screening Technology as an Alzheimer's and Dementia Phone Solution

    Caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia are increasingly relying on imp as an essential tool in their care management process. For the caregiver, imp provides remote management and 100% control over who can call. For the senior parent, imp transforms their phone, making every call a wanted call.
  12. Noodles & Company Joins Forces With BetterHelp To Promote Mental Health and Provide Up to $1 Million in Free Online Therapy

    To promote mental wellness in honor of January's Mental Wellness Month, and spread Uncommon Goodness, Noodles & Company and BetterHelp have come together to launch the platform's first-ever restaurant partnership to offer free online therapy to Noodles & Company guests.

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